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The Best Business Secret Is A Clean Office

An often forgotten part of the business world is the cleanliness of the office. When faced with quarterly goals, labor and material shortages- the state of your office can often be overlooked. However, the cleanliness of an office greatly affects not only the health of your employees but the productivity of your business.

An employee can be affected by a dirty work space in several ways- illness, injury, and mental health are some of the top contenders. Bacteria is rampant in office spaces with the typical work place holding over 10 billion bacteria- but when you think about how many employees an average business has that number seems almost low!

As everyone knows, bacteria is the cause of illness which can lead in not only an individual calling in sick, but it could cause the entire business to infect one another. This would cause mass delays in not only major projects but also ruin the feeling of normalcy in your business.

A cluttered business could result in an employee injury from slipping on a dirty floor to tripping in an unorganized cubicle. This not only obviously harms the employee but can open the business to lawsuits for having a dangerous workplace.

In addition to the illness and injury- the most interesting affect that an unclean work space can have on an employee is their mental health and by extension, their productivity. An unclean work space often results in depression and stress- both of which take major tolls on a person’s motivation and mood. Low motivation is the main culprit behind missing deadlines or not meeting expectations and goals.

As you can see, having a clean office and work space for your business can be critical for success and seamless operation. That is one reason why we offer our janitorial office cleaning service- we know what it’s like to run an business and how important taking care of employees is. Let us help you take care of this responsibility so that you can enjoy more of the benefits of running a successful business.

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