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Are you considering finding a career in the cleaning industry? Perhaps you’ve been searching, “Cleaning services hiring near me,” or “Cleaning jobs hiring near me.” Perhaps you’re wondering if cleaning offices, commercial spaces, and homes is a good fit for you. Working for LILY’S HOUSE CLEANING is both rewarding and will help you gain valuable cleaning industry work experience. 


Is being a House Cleaner or Office Cleaner physical work. Yes, it is. We like to point out the very positive aspects of this. Many of our employees choose to work with LILY’S HOUSE CLEANING because they have no interest in sitting at a desk all day. They want to keep their bodies moving and maintain their health through physical work. According to the Mayo Clinic, research shows that sitting for an extended time can lead to obesity and a variety of health issues such as increased blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, excess body fat at the waist, and high cholesterol levels.

When you work cleaning houses, you get to keep your body moving all day, which helps you stay phyically fit. You can work, earn good pay, and avoid the need to go to the gym. 


At LILY’S HOUSE CLEANING, we always respect our employees and their time. We know that finding a life-work balance is crucial to a satisfied employee, so we’ll never ask you to work a major holiday, and we work to build a schedule that works for you. Most of our work is for clients who need their home cleaned while away at work. That means most schedules are for weekdays during the day, giving our employees free time with family evenings and weekends. 


LILY’S HOUSE CLEANING, has been serving Salt Lake City, Utah area residents for over 5 years. As an established company, we provide our employees with work stability. As part of a growing company, you also have opportunities to further advance in the cleaning industry.

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