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Salt Lake City, Utah Area Move In & Move Out Cleaning

Let’s face it. Moving is a pain. In fact, it often tops lists of stressful events in life. LILY’S HOUSECLEANING is here to make the event more one to celebrate and less one to fear by helping to get your home in tip-top shape! If you’re in the process of moving, hiring us to handle the cleaning for you will be an absolute lifesaver.


Move In Cleaning Service

You’ve found that great new home in the SALT LAKE CITY area and you’re so stoked. That is you were stoked until you discover the previous residents didn’t leave the place in the truly clean state you expected. It’s so hard to feel at home when you’re living with someone else’s mess!

Besides being a punch in the gut, if not a little stomach churning, performing the deep clean a place needs when moving in can trip you up because it takes so much time utilizing tools you probably don’t already have at hand. When you have little or no time or zero desire to clean up after the previous occupants, LILY’S HOUSE CLEANING’s move in cleaning experts can take over. We take care of the cleaning details, performing a thorough Deep Cleaning that will remove all the telltale signs of the others who preceded you. When we’re finished, you’ll be able to comfortably settle into your spotless home!


Move Out Cleaning Service

Even for the best of planners, moving is chaotic. There’s often too much to successfully plan for, between organizing dates, cancelling and ordering services, looking for moving help, packing and unpacking, and so much more. You can better organize your chaos by delegating one of the most stressful parts of the move and you can save money at the same time. Hire LILY’S HOUSE CLEANING to do your SALT LAKE CITY area Move Out Cleaning.

A professional cleaning company is equipped with the right tools, right cleaning chemicals, and lots of experience to do the job. While we’re taking care of your cleaning, you can focus on the actual moving process. Investing a little bit of money upfront will buy you that peace of mind knowing that your home will be taken care of by a professional certified cleaning company that has probably done this hundreds of times for others.


  • Toilets scrubbed clean, disinfected
  • Shower and tub scrubbed clean
  • Sinks hand-washed, sanitized
  • Shower glass cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaned and shined
  • Fixtures cleaned and shined
  • Tile scrubbed clean
  • Remove dust from blinds
  • Remove dust from ceiling fans
  • Remove cobwebs high and low
  • Hand-wash window sills and sashes
  • Hand-wash front door glass, both sides
  • Hand-wash sliding glass doors, hand wipe the tracks
  • Stairways cleaned, vacuumed
  • Wash wood floors, tile floors, vacuum carpets
  • Clean and sanitize the interior and exterior of the fridge
  • Clean and sanitize interior and exterior of microwave
  • Hand-wash the interior and exterior of cabinets
  • Hand-wash the interior and exterior of drawers
  • Hand-wash clean the backsplash
  • Hand-wash clean the counters
  • Hand-wash clean the stove
  • Hand-wash light switch plates
  • Hand-wash all exposed baseboards
  • Hand-wash door frames, door jambs, doors

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