Life seems to fly by at an ever rapid rate in the SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH area. Has your life felt like it’s been moving in overdrive? Feeling a bit crazed trying to finish everything on your plate? We get it. Add to that stress seeing your home not as tidy as you’d like it to be for your family, and it can all really feel like too much. 

What if instead you could wake up in a clean, fresh space every morning and spend your time doting on your loved ones instead of scrubbing toilets, floors, etc? That’s not in any way an out of touch dream. You just need to call LILY’S HOUSE CLEANING to sign up for our recurring cleaning services. You’ll soon be living with less worry, less stress, more fully enjoying your tidy and healthy home with your family. 

When you call, we’ll be able to give you an initial cost estimate. All homes differ, though, and to better understand your needs and provide a more accurate price quote we’ll send one of our representatives for a free in-person assessment. We’ll create a cleaning checklist based on a customized cleaning plan meeting your needs and your budget. You can set the frequency and rest assured we’ll be there to take over the agreed duties. You won’t need to sign a contract and you can discontinue service at any time.

Please note, if it’s been months since your home has been professionally cleaned, we highly recommend an initial Deep Cleaning. Your place will start out looking spectacular when you do!



Kitchen Cleaning

  • Refrigerator Exterior Wiped Down and Windexed or Polished
  • Stovetop Surface Cleaned
  • Microwave Washed and Disinfected Inside/Out
  • Sinks Washed and Disinfected
  • Faucets Washed and Polished
  • Kitchen Counters Fully Washed and Disinfected
  • All Counter Items Dusted Off or Wiped Down
  • Small Appliances Wiped Down
  • Floor Swept and Mopped

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Shower Washed and Hard Water Stains Removed from Glass and Glass Doors
  • Tubs Cleaned and All Walls Scrubbed
  • Counters and Sinks Fully Washed and Disinfected
  • All Items Dusted Off or Wiped Down on Counters, Sinks, Tubs and/or Showers
  • Faucets Cleaned and Polished
  • All Mirrors & Light Fixtures Cleaned
  • Toilet Fully Washed and Disinfected
  • Floors Swept And Mopped

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, More

  • Furniture Dusted Off in Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Hallways, Laundry Area, Living Room and Dining Room
  • All Glass Tables Cleaned and Windexed
  • Carpets Vacuumed
  • Floors Swept and Mopped
  • Washer and Dryer Wiped Down
  • All Trash Cans Emptied
  • Main Door Entrance Wiped Down

Salt Lake City Area House Cleaning Options

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Move Out Cleaning

Trying to get your deposit back or prepare your home for a sale? We’ll have the place looking great! Our Move In/Out clean service is designed to prepare your apartment or house for a new tenant. Take one big task off your moving list. You can be sure the next tenant or client will be delighted!

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Apartment Cleaning

We clean spaces of all sizes and types. Whether you live in a giant penthouse or a cozy studio, we’ll help you keep your apartment or condo neat and tidy. Get on with the rest of your busy life and leave the dirty work to the experts at LILY’S HOUSE CLEANING!

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Routine Cleaning

LILY’S HOUSE CLEANING‘s Salt Lake City, Utah area cleaners work from a detailed checklist to make sure every area of your home gets cleaned. Whether you choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly house cleaning services, you’ll always receive our full-service guarantee!

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Deep Cleaning

If you have a special occasion coming up or just want to have a deeper cleaning for the change of seasons or any other reason, ask LILY’S HOUSE CLEANING about our deep cleaning services. We’ll make sure all the nooks and crannies of your home are thoroughly deep cleaned!

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